Hidden Wallet and Standard

Hello, I have a Trezor and for some reason my standard wallet isn’t the one I linked to Metamask and sent my NFT’s and money too is there anyway to make my standard wallet the one I use on Metamask for some reason it wont let me do it??


If you want to access the account that was created in hidden (passphrase protected wallet) you will have to use the exact same passphrase in combination with the recovery seed in order to do so.

If you have created the desired account in Standard wallet just enter an empty passphrase (no passphrase at all), the device will proceed exactly as if the passphrase feature had not been activated at all.

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Hi @MichalZ , I have a similar issue, but your proposal does not solve it.
I had to reset the MM wallet, and when trying to connect my Trezor accounts (I have one “open/standard” and one hidden), only one appears in the list. And it is not a matter of passphrase, it is simple that only one appears in the list to select.
How do I get back both addresses in Metamask?

@amartignone you have the answer above, leave the passphrase field empty, that will get you the list of addresses from standard wallet.