Help with phishing adress

I would like to ask for help from someone on the forum, recently I believe I fell into a fishing scam

my trezor received several transfers of a token similar to ETHER, but I never accessed any website nor provided my passwords, but I made a transfer by mistake to one of these addresses, I ended up losing these tokens, but when I carried out this transfer through trezor suite, I am exposing ? can they withdraw the rest of my balance?

remembering that: I didn’t click on anything, I didn’t provide any keyword, I just transferred to the wrong address

Hi @Brino,

There’s no risk in a simple transfer to any address. You only expose your coin’s send address, not your wallet, Recovery seed, or Passphrase (if used).

Based on your story, you lost the coins you transferred out of your wallet, nothing more. But ignore those addresses in the future and never visit any internet links from such transfers to you.