Help regarding previous exchange transactions


First, i tried to post this question to trezor on reddit, and I was sent numerous DMs pretending to be from trezor support… Thats why I came here to ask the question…

I have used a trezor for a few years, and a year ago, i swept my trezor to a new seed. But, now I need to do my accounts, and I have lost the old seed. I have figured out the old bitcoin addresses from the blockchain. However I had previously, exchanged crypto to crypto using the built in exchange facility in the trezor wallet.

How can I access those transaction records?

Can someone explain how the trezor wallet accesses the previous exchange transactions?

And how can I get them too?

Thank you

hello? Can anyone help? Thanks

Hi @tre,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. What do you mean by “seed”? Do you mean the 12 (or 24) english words in your private seed? And what do you mean by that you swept your Trezor to a new seed?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the seed is the recovery words.

I transferred funds from one seed to a new seed.

Whilst using the old seed… I exchanged crypto to crypto. BCH to BTC etc using the built in exchange in the trezor web wallet.

Now using the new seed, I cannot access the old exchange history, and I have lost the old seed.

How can I access that information? How does the web wallet access that information? I assume using tx ids.


Sorry, I still don’t understand what happened.

When you say you transferred funds from one see to a new seed, does that mean you had two Trezor devices (or other hardware wallets) and transferred from one Trezor to the other?

Or are you saying that you re-initialized the device and made a new seed, thereby wiping out the old?

If you still have the device where the old seed is, you can transfer all funds out of that one before resetting it.

Your funds are stored in the blockchain(s) and it may be possible to view them there if you have the transaction IDs, but they’re not recoverable without the seed you used when you put them into your wallet.

Its fine. I cannot explain it any clearer. I have emailed trezor directly.

Thank you