Help Making a Trade/Sell BTC

Fairly new to BTC, Trezor, and Trezor Suite. I have bought BTC 5 times and transferred them successfully each time to my Trezor Model T. Today, I wanted to make my first Trade (or sell some BTC) and have the funds delivered to my bank account. In the Trezor Suite desktop app, I selected my wallet then selected the green Trade button and then Sell. I entered $25.00 worth to sell. Next, I clicked Show Offers for the United States of America. I keep getting a message on the screen saying, No Offers. I have tried this several times - closed the suite and disconnected my Model T. Same thing each time. I also set the fee to High. Am I unable to Trade/Sell BTC using the Model T and the Trazor Suite? If so, what do I do? Thank you!

Sell is only available for EUR bank accounts in SEPA countries.

Crap. I wish I had known that before buying a Trezor. So, would I have to transfer back to an exchange and from there make a sale? Thank you.

Yes, that is correct.

Thank you. I’d imagine there are other hard wallets where I could sell BTC directly. I’ll research as I continue my journey.