HELP! :( I was hacked. 23 BTC Gone. I'm sick

I haven’t had my Trezor plugged in in weeks. I plug it in today and 23 BTC gone!!! Showing a “joint transaction”. There’s no way anyone has my seed phrase. I haven’t even seen it in years. I’m devastated. Please help.

@lifeiseasy sorry to hear that, and your device anybody had access to it?

No one even knows where it is besides me. Not even my wife.

Than I am sorry @lifeiseasy but have know ideia how that is possible. (I don’t think it is)

If your account is paired with trezor without your sed/recovery words or having access to physical device it is virtually impossible

Wait a little longer for comunnity support, to see what they say.

I can’t even believe this. There’s NO WAY anyone has my seed phrase and I mean NO WAY. I only live with my wife and daughter and they don’t even know how to send a bitcoin transaction, let alone use a Trezor and they don’t even know where it is. I haven’t told my wife yet. She’ll be devastated.

there are only 2 possibilities:

  • Someone else used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction
  • Your recovery seed phrase was compromised, and someone used your private keys to sign the transaction.

read the article above and then open the ticket via chatbot in the right lower corner, answer the questions and provide more details


OK. The plot thickens. I also have a Trezor Model T that only had .08 BTC on it. Yet, it was also cleaned out at the SAME TIME. How?? This is insane.

I believe you used the same seed on this Trezor, right?

No. Completely different seed.

Sorry for this horrible experience, if you can confirm that the BTC in both Trezor devices have been transferred to another address. Copy and paste the transaction ID’s here. There could be little hope if it was moved to a centralized platform or exchange. They could trace and lock the funds.
NB Trezor support doesn’t hold the responsibility to investigate or contact these platform. We may only guide you through the right channel to get the designated authorities involved.

I hope something can be done.



I’m willing to offer a 10% BTC bounty for returned coins.

Really sorry you lost your BTC and I hope you don’t mind me asking…
Did you buy your Trezors from the same place?
Did you buy direct from Trezor and if not where from?
Logic would suggest that either someone has direct access to the devices or they were already compromised when you received them, otherwise how could they be linked?
I wish you the best of luck and hope you get your btc back

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No. Bought both direct. Sealed. I’ve had the Trezor One since 2017 with no issues. I have the seed phrase very secure. I haven’t even looked at it myself in years. Had the Model T for a couple of years. Don’t really use it as much. Only had .08 BTC on it. I’m not overly concerned about that, but it does concern me that BOTH have been emptied. Another thing to note is that I have a significant amount of Litecoin on my Model One that was not touched (it has since been moved to a new wallet).

Wow that’s not good. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Hopefully the experts will be able to help you. Best of luck

Can someone help me answer a few questions. I’m in an email conversion with an admin trying to help me recover lost coins. I can’t seem to get clear answers on a couple of things and I’m sure they are getting fed up with me:

  1. What is wallet-core? What does it have to do with a Trezor or Trezor suite? How do you register with wallet-core because wallet-core dot com just opens a support ticket (is this what is meant by registration?)

  2. If submitting a ticket is the same thing as registration what EXACTLY do I put in the “Secret Phrase” box?

Thank you for any help.

Idk what admin and site are you referring to but you contacted our support already and we explained the situation.

Nobody can help you recover the coins, and certainly not the person you are talking to.

this is exactly how you get scammed

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That Tx ID is not valid, says Blockchain Explorer.

it is 2 transactions, not one

And also the coins have been moved out of the receiving address belonging to the tx id in question 143a8b72f745c55ac25c0ca419b5371b02376ec17e675d2eb51932dc31a795be

they always are, scammers just send it to many addresses you can track it on the blockchain