HELP! How to send SHIB to Trezor One wallet

Hi, I am new to the crypto world, but I managed to learn how to send Bitcoins from my Gemini account to my Trezor One wallet.

Now, I purchased some SHIB (ERC-20), but I do not know how to send it from my Gemini account to my Trezor One wallet. I read that support for SHIB on Trezor One “is coming soon.” has it arrived yet? Is SHIB fully supported in Trezor One?

If so, could someone let me know how to send SHIB from my Gemini account to my Trezor One?

I read that I need to have some Eutherium first as “gas” to pay for the transaction, but I don’t understand how to do that. Also, I read that I need to send SHIB as a ERC-20 through the Eutherium network, but I also don’t know how to do that.

If someone could do me a solid and spell out step by step how to set up my Trezor One and how to send SHIB from my Gemini account to the Trezor One, I would very much appreciate it.


PS: Is it safe to leave my SHIB coins in my Gemini account online? how soon do I have to move it to my hard wallet?

open your eth wallet in suite
add shib to the token
use eth receiving address to receive shib
use erc20 chain network

Thank you for the reply. I understood the first 3 lines, but I don’t understand line 4 “use erc20 chain network.”

How do I do that part?

Thank you for any help

when you send coin away .exchange will make you to choose which chain you will use.

Hi @rob00, as BtcLtc suggested, generate an ETH receiving address in your Trezor Suite - ETH account - Receve tab. You will transfer the SHIB tokens from Gemini to this address. Please reach out to Gemini Support team if you are not sure how to make a withdrawal from there.
I have found this brief tutorial on their Support page.