HELP::; ETH sent from Binance not received on Trezor one

Dear Friends… I’m new here on Trezor platform… Hello to all. I transferred all my ETH from Binance to Trezor wallet… and transaction shows complete but can’t find them on the wallet. On Bscscan it shows its completed successfully… what should I do? Please help urgently … I m very worried … there is no mistake in wallet address etc… I checked 10 times carefully. … Thank you!

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trezor does not support bsc20 !

thank you for the reply! then what should I do now?

you should ask Binance if they can do something .
Always understand what exchanges, what wallets, what kinds of coins and what kinds of chains are supported. Otherwise, no matter how much the profit is, it may be lost in vain.

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I think the fastest way to recover that eth is conecting your trezor to metamask, just add the binance smart chain network to metamask, and you should be able to see your eth.

use this guide to add bsc network to metamask

You can get more info about this here

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Thank you friends — I have been able to setup the BSC network through meta task and used the contract id - and it does show in the MetaMask interface that I have X amount of ETH.

However I dont see that reflected in the Trezor hardware wallet.

Hence I tried to send ETH that I can see in the Metamask to one of my other online ETH wallets… and it shows insufficient gas and I’m breaking my head over it last 6 hours and can’t get a head through

So its visible here - but not visible in the Trezor wallet - how should I transfer it.

transfer some bnb into this wallet for gas fee, and you can send eth back to Binance

Thanks again !

Does Metamask not deduct ETH for sending the ETH that I can see to another ETH wallet ? I dont want to use Binance any more hence I moved ETH to my hardware wallet

if your eth is in your bsc chain wallet , you only have one way to get it out .
have some bnb to send it back to Binance ,and then extract eth from Binance use erc20 chain to your hardware wallet .
bsc chain and erc20 chain are two chains . you can not sand eth from bsc chain direct to erc20 chain wallet .
the only way to do it is through the exchange .
in bsc chain wallet every thing use bnb as gas fee , just like in eth wallet every token use eth as gas fee

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friends… after lot of efforts somehow I retrieved…

Step 1: Got a friend to put BNB in MetaMask as my kyc verification wasn’t done
Step 2: Used the gas fee to swap ETH to BNB
Step 3: Pushed BNB back to Binance on my friends wallet
Step 4: He swapped and sent to my Trezor using regular network

Thanks a lot for all your help and suggestions