Help, can no longer see my funds on metamask or trezor

Hello, embarressed to admit my noob mistake and looking for anti-anxiety. I received my sacrifice of pls/x I though it would be prudent to save it on my trazor even though I hadn’t used it for a long time. I thought I have saved everything correctly as I could see my trazor wallet on my metamask/pulsex. When I went to move a few funds around, MetaMask kept crashing. As I fumbled around on the trazor suite (I never saw the coins in the suite) I hit eject on the account settings which I believe wiped all the data from the suite? I no longer see the account/wallet I had set up for the PLS. I can still see the funds on the blockchain which is good I hope. I reset my metamask hoping the account would reinstal but I think I didn’t save correctly because it is not finding that wallet. I think I must issues matching the account and seedphrase? Any help would be so amazing

Ticket ID: 172183

Hi @cpholmes12,

you either have a different recovery seed stored in your Trezor or you use a different passphrase. Your problem will be explained in detail in the ticket you opened.