Helium / Solano / Rose Network / Terra

How can i secure my HNT and SOL on Trezor?
Same for Rose and Luna?

@TRA you can’t, none of these are supported

list of supported coins is here: https://trezor.io/coins/

Thx…this is really bad…i just ask myself, why i bought a trezor… bit frustrated that other HWW supporting easily these networks…

Any plans to support those chains ? via metamask ?

any EVM chain that can be added to Metamask can be used with Trezor, but these are different, you can’t use them on MM either, they are not EVM compatible

we are also working on a new approach to supporting coins, more info will come soon

yes, i had no problems adding any EVM Networks to Metamask from https://chainlist.org/ or direct via “add Network” and then connect with Trezor…

Just sometimes the token is on the trezor but does not show in metamask (ex. ADA or Theta), but if i connect, i can see them on the wallets.

i thought, other networks are easy to setup as the EVM’s :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you are working on a new approach…i have so many tokens in metamask, but on trezor suite they never show up…adding them is also not so easy, however it works as soon as you know how to…

Portfolio management is also tricky on trezor suite, because most metamask coins do not show up in the trezor suite… but i am sure you already know all these things :wink:

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