Having an issue accessing my wallet and confirming transactions after adding to metamask its loading out


So I know this is a common problem and it has been solved on this platform but I can not seem to get it to work in my instance. Essentially I have connected my Trezor Wallet to Metamask and when setting up the wallet, I used the first wallet address that popped up and not that wallet address in my suite. So essentially whats happening is I can send funds to this wallet, and but it wont let me send funds out. I am super confused and kinda freaking out right now.

I am able to log into metamask with my password and then I confirm the passphrase on my trezor but every time I sign the transaction it just loads out and metamask wont open again unless I reopen the browser.

Any help appreciated,

If you created the MM-trezor wallet, you selected the first address in the options as the eth wallet.
But this address is not the eth address of the standard wallet in your suite, so it means that you used a passphrase when creating it.
That is to say, when you created it, you entered a phrase or a number or the like in this pop-up window.
And what you enter is equivalent to your 13th seed phrase (for T-type) or your 25th seed (for one-type).
This address is generated from 13 or 25 seeds, so you have to know what you entered in the first place.
Install MM on a new browser, connect to trezor to create a wallet, and type what you think and correct in the popup. Until you find that exact same address among the alternative addresses.
Then record your passphrase. If you want to send assets with your MM-trezor, you need to enter a pin and passphrase to sign the transaction.

I know what my passphrase is, i confirmed in findeth.io, So I just create a new hardware wallet and type in the passphrase when it asks and it should pop up?

If you are using an address with a passphrase, when you send coins, MM will ask you to enter the trezor pin and passphrase to sign the transaction.