Have monero on getmonero.org wallet, how do I send it to my trezor

I have monero on my getmonero wallet, how do I send it to my trezor model t hard wallet? There is no option in the trezor suite wallet to receive monero.

I have monero in another wallet that supports integration with the trezor model t hard wallet. How do I transfer monero into the hard wallet?

hi @jsun you can pair your Trezor with Monero GUI wallet.
For more information please see following link:

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Thanks, what do I put in the address field?

Also it is my understanding that the monero balance will be seen in the trezor wallet, but all sending and receiving will be done by the third part wallet. So if this is true, for you to have the security of the hard wallet I would think that you have to give the trezor hard wallet passphrase seed in order to send or receive monero, correct?