Has the Model T always required "on device" input?

Has this always been the case? I know when I set up my device years ago that I “checked backup”… What I can’t remember is if I entered it on device or if trezor suite allowed me to type it in with a keyboard. If I typed it in, I’d want to start over with a new seed.

So the question is: Has the Model T always required “on device” input?..

“The recovery process using Trezor Model T is limited to the “on-device” input, meaning that the words never touch a potentially compromised environment and always stay safe as you type them in using the touchscreen. In this case, 12 words are sufficient. The 128-bit entropy (randomness) provided by 12 words is widely considered to be plenty secure.”

yes, it has always been like that

Thank you for the clarification! Sounds like I didn’t even have a chance to mess up.

Thanks again for this answer… It’s hard to remember what I did years ago and to know that it was never an option to mess up is refreshing…

This will save me from having to move funds around and create a new wallet…

Follow Up Question. Has the randomization functionality changed over the years for the tezor creating seed phrases (gotten better or worse)? Should I create a new seed phrase on my own with dice?