Hardwallet Issue


Good Day!

I have a problem in my Trezor which i used 2 months ago. I cannot add hardwallet of Ronin.
Maybe someone have same experienced. Please let me know how you solved.

Your comments and suggestions is highly appreciated

Thank you!

It Keeps on loading only. But not proceeding :pleading_face:

Hi @JPAD1030, do you have Trezor Bridge installed? https://wallet.trezor.io/#/bridge
Also, make sure you are using a supported browser - Chrome or Firefox.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have installed already and Im using Chrome.

Before i can add hardwallet i add only 14/50 ronins. But I cannot Add more.

its shows only like this.

Keep loading and loading but not connecting. :frowning: Too much frustrated on this.

What system is your computer?


win10 shouldn’t have this issue .
I suggest you check the usb permissions of your browser. Web page call permission.
I think this problem should be a browser setting problem. I seem to have encountered it once.