Hacked for huge amount...need quick help

Over 13 BTC was drained from my Trezor in 4 separate Txs, less than 24 hours ago. I have been using my Trezor for about 6 years with no trouble, purchased from Satoshi labs. I sent an emergency help request, and got a message that it could take 4 days for a reply. That could be a disaster for me, as time might be of the essence in this situation. Anyone know how to get quicker help?

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I can’t help you with a faster answer from Community Support, but I can link you to some answers here in the forum which you can read in the meantime:

BTW, I’m sorry to hear about your loss of funds and hope you retrieve them somehow.

Thanks so much for trying to help.
Re: there are only 2 possibilities: Someone else used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction.
Impossible. I live alone, I’m 80 years old, and never have visitors.
Re: Your recovery seed phrase was compromised, and someone used your private keys to sign the transaction.
Again, my seed was ONLY on paper, in my safe. I don’t know about a “private key”.
The only think I did that I don’t usually do is forget to unplug my Trezor after I finished the last small deposit. The draining withdrawals started about 4 hours later.
I no longer believe these Trezors are as secure as they claim they are.

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Sir, I’m sorry I cannot interfere in an ongoing Support Ticket, I can only link to the most probable answer that is given before in a similar circumstance, which I did above. Please wait for a reply from Customer Support. Thank you and good luck!

I appreciate you trying to help. Your comments and referral were more help than the ‘support’ people at Satoshi labs. They advised me to call the police and asked a lot of questions, which I answered in detail. No response since. It looks hopeless, but thank you for your efforts.
BTW, everyone keeps telling me that a Trezor cannot be hacked, that one HAS to be there for a transfer be be approved, and then it can proceed. Don’t believe that. They can be hacked. I happened to me. I trusted mine too much, and now I am >300K poorer for it.

I had the same. No one can help us now. (((

What country are you from?

I also answered all the questions SLab, sent all the transactions from TSuite, uploading the log files from my TT, outwardly the photo of the device, it’s useless. Could not help in any way in SLabs.
The device does not have a security chip. Anyone can upload a non-original FW with predefined seed words.

only if you buy from unauthorized seller, so where did you buy your device? YOu never answered in the tickets, most likely you bought a fake.

If you have bought Trezor from official source you would be safe.

We informed about fake devices from ozone.ru in our blog some time ago.

Where can I find this publication?

give me a link please

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My Trezor T was hacked last night. At 21.02 I sent some btc ($5,344.91) to Kraken. I duly sold them and withdrew the resulting GBP to my bank in the usual way. This morning I decided to have a look at my Trezor suite, just to make some notes about the transaction. I was horrified to find my remaining balance of btc (I only have/had btc) to the value of $75,537.93 had been removed from my Trezor in an unauthorised transaction - literally whilst I was asleep in bed at 02.10. There is no possibility whatsoever of anyone else using my Trezor. Nor could anyone possibly have found or seen my 12 word seed. I have “Opened a ticket” with Trezor who replied they will get back to me in three days. I no longer believe my Trezor to be secure. I think I can pretty much assume my hard earned funds are gone forever. What is the point in digital currency if it is even less safe than a bank.

Please post your Ticket ID here below and wait for reply from Community support. Thank you!

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