Groestlcoin Safe 3

Is it just me or does Electrum-GRS not work with safe 3?
It can’t find the hardware wallet.
I’m using the linux appimage on Linux Mint.
I don’t think it’s udev related, since the Safe 3 I have works with trezor suite and the monero gui.
But it could be that?
It shows GRS as supported in the coin list for safe 3.
Anyone have info on this?

Hi @doge,

Please contact the developers of Electrum-GRS, they need to add support for Trezor Safe 3. It looks like Electrum-GRS supports only Trezor Model One and Trezor Safe 3 currectly.

Contacted them on github and they sent me an appimage to try out.
Which seems good, so they are looking to release it officially I think in March time.

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Thanks for letting us know. I’d just like to point out that you should be always careful what are you installing on your computer. The most important thing is to never enter your recovery seed anywhere (even if the app asks you to do so).