Generating mnemonics with a Trezor

I want to deterministically generate mnemonic phrases (BIP39 and Monero) with a Trezor, similar to how addresses are derived from a mnemonic phrase (this is just an analogy, and not a perfect one, I know).

is there a (quasi) standard way of doing this?

This is what BIP-85 is about, and there is an open issue about it, but it is not currently a priority.

So as of now, you can’t do this on a Trezor.

What you can do, of course, is export some sort of deterministic randomness, e.g., by using trezorctl crypto encrypt-keyvalue, and use that randomness as an input to a mnemonic generator on your PC.

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great, I’m looking forward to BIP85 in trezorctl!

that command is a good idea too.