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Great news! (for some)
SHIB has already risen 15.65% today. :smiley:

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Look what I found in Google-land! It’s a great presentation of SatoshiLabs, the company that created Trezor, and I thought others here also would be interested in reading about the company and see pictures of the people working there.



Just because we are always talking or worried about privacy found this interesting

[GNU privacy](Check out this article on Bitcoin Magazine: How To Lock Secret Files With GPG - Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides)



When we will be able to control our wallet thru a mobile application???

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you can use web version via Android phone here:, Android application is also in the works.

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We can never know exactly when a coin is at its lowest point, where it’s best to buy, but right now most coins are lower than they’ve been in a long time.

A few prices today (as of this writing):

Bitcoin (BTC)    = $27,574.07          (-$1,706.82        /  -5.83%)
Cardano (ADA)    = $     0.52          (-$    0.08638     / -14.29%)
Ethereum (ETH)   = $ 1,466.45          (-$  200.12        / -12.01%)
Shiba Inu (SHIB) = $     0.000008830   (-$    0.000001432 / -13.96%)
Solana (SOL)     = $    32.84          (-$    4.75        / -12.64%)
Tron (TRX)       = $     0.08          (-$    0.004703    /  -5.88%)

You decide if you think it’s going to go even lower or if you don’t want to risk missing the low point and see it rise again. :slight_smile:


Heiii @Petosiris

Maybe today is the time for the buy

“Not financial advice”


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Hei @rimaS,

Yes, even better today than when I wrote the message above. Bitcoin is at $23,685.67 now(!) It may fall even more.

Just now:

Coin               Price               Change               Ch.%
Bitcoin (BTC)    = $23,685.67          -$3,754.47         -13.68%
Cardano (ADA)    = $     0.45          -$    0.06240      -12.14%
Ethereum (ETH)   = $ 1,223.82          -$  239.86         -16.39%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) = $     0.000007697   -$    0.000001019  -11.67%
Solana (SOL)     = $    26.57          -$    5.73         -17.73%
Tron (TRX)       = $     0.06          -$    0.014030     -18.21%

Here are more values from a spreadsheet I use. I’ve hidden some columns on this view, because it’d only be confusing anyway.

Before you ask, the names marked with a light grey background in the leftmost column are just some I watch more than the others. I always watch Bitcoin and Ethereum so no need to mark them. :slight_smile:

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The crypto market in general is still going down. Bitcoin is now down to $20,246.27.


Yes @Petosiris it seems a never ending story.

A great time to get in…


Well, I think the crypto market will stop falling when the big investors are finished selling off their coins, mostly Bitcoins.

Notice how it follows the stock market. The stock market is sensitive for such things as interest rates, inflation or recession, but the crypto market is not sensitive to those things so why does the crypto market follow the stock market? Because it’s the same investors in both markets and when they panic and sell off stocks they also sell off crypto coins.

You and me are not big enough investors to affect the crypto market the way we see it fall now. We are small potatoes compared with big institutional investors and other big investors with billions of dollars invested in Bitcoin. So it’s them that make the crypto market volatile and behave like a jojo! When they’re out, the market will stabilize and slowly go up, IMO. Until they want to go in again, that is.


Well said @Petosiris


Also, there are Celsius and 3AC who are selling their Bitcoins too which creates a lot of pressure on the price.


Is the tide turning? :slight_smile:

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Heii @Petosiris

You got me curious

Why do you make your own list instead of following those prices on app like coingecko or exchange?

Just curious


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Hei @rimaS,

There are several reason why I made my own list in a spreadsheet, mainly these:

  • I have many custom-made columns. Some are hidden in the view above, but most of them are to the right of those shown and are used for my own coins. I store and calculate my investments to the right in this spreadsheet and have made a pie chart of my assets and a column chart of relative growth of prices too, in two separate tabs. You can see an example of that column graph in post #18 above.
  • I needed to be in control of the data I got so I could do my own calculations. If I used a ready-made online watchlist then I had to be content with what it showed me, more or less.
  • I needed an overview of both the coins & tokens and my own assets in the same view. Switching views back and forth didn’t work for me.
  • I haven’t found a place online that gives me the overview I wanted. True, I haven’t tried tried CoinGecko, but several others. Either they didn’t satisfy my need and/or they were subscription sites.
  • My spreadsheet does not contain any fees for scraping the data online I need for calculations.
  • I needed a black background, because I often work at night and white backgrounds hurt my eyes. Not all online sites provide a black background in watchlists.
  • Since I’m an old programmer I could make this, so I did.

Most coin prices are a little down again just now.
And something is happening with Folder Protocol (FOL). Maybe a Pump & Dump operation.

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@Petosiris thanks for the insights

I will keep some of those as tips for my own research and might even start doing my own sheet.

I normally use coingecko but you’re right it doesn’t always have all the colums you want and arranged in a personalized matter nor they give that option.

So once again thanks for the wisdom



All coins on my watchlist are up today. Bitcoin is still cheap.