GBP withdrawals

Rad bych prodal BTC pres trezor. Proc se mi neobjevuje v menu vyber fiat Britska libra ale pouze Euro? Vlastnim pouze UK bankovni karty.
I would like to sell my BTC but the fiat option for withdrawal is only available in Euro.
Many thanks

Hi @Deni
While the euro is one of the world’s largest fiat currencies, we understand that it doesn’t come close to covering everyone who uses Invity. At the moment our Sell provider, BTC Direct, is only able to service countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).
This means that Invity’s Sell crypto feature is only able to serve customers in the European Union and a selection of other countries that use this payment method, like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Norway, and is only able to pay out in euros. To see if you are able to sell crypto on Invity, check that the “offers for” drop-down menu is correctly set to the European country that matches your payment information.