Fund stuck (polygon bridge to eth network) Invalid transaction params

Already update to the newest version of metamask & trezor

but it keeps showing “Invalid transaction params: params specify an EIP-1559 trans” when i tried to continue the bridging.

anyone knows how to fix it?


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Trezor firmware 2.4.2 supports EIP-1559, but the corresponding part is not implemented in Metamask yet. You should go complain to Metamask support :wink:


Mr Matejcik, do you know if metamask already fixed that problem?
I have some assets blocked for the same thing a few days ago

Hi @IBussenius

Not sure if it has been fixed already but the workaround is to downgrade MM.

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same problem today hier model t

I downgraded to 9.8.4 and hit continue. How long does it take after that. Been hours so far.