Flare Spark Token

I have not found a proper response anywhere. How does one claim the Flare Spark Token when the XRP was (and still is) on Trezor Model T during the snapshot on Dec. 12?

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This is unsupported. You need to use your seed with a 3rd-party claiming tool. In order to do that securely, you should first move all your funds away, and generate a new seed afterwards.

But 3-rd part we use for Generation ETH compatible account …for getting our Flr, Not for Confirming account ownership on the XRPL

You can import your seed phrase into a 3rd party wallet (such as XUMM) and use it to claim your tokens.

This of course exposes your seed, so you should only do that if you first move all your assets (including XRP) away from Trezor.

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Thank’s a lot. Your advise was very helpful for me. Have a nice Life and Profits.