Firware problem

While installing firmware, my wallet disconnected. I followed the instructions to start over, but was unable to locate the seed.

I could see that the wallet was still there, but I just couldn’t access it.

I created a new wallet simply to access the Trezor. Now, it seems like I cannot access or even see my original wallet.

How do I recover my original BTC?


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Hi Mike

Could you please clarify what do you mean by being unable to locate the seed? Is it lost?

Please note that the only way how to recover your original wallet is to use the recovery seed that it was backed up with. (the one which was presented to you when you created the original wallet)

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It’s gone. I do not have the seed.

hi Mike,

I am sorry but it is unfortunately not possible to recover your wallet without the seed.

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For a while, I was able to see two options:

  1. Recover the original wallet.

  2. Create a new wallet.

I created a new wallet and now the original one is gone.
There were no instructions or indicators that warned me about this.

Is a deletion of the original wallet supposed to happen when I create a new wallet?

Thank you.


The original wallet was deleted while installing firmware. This is generally expected to happen if the firmware update process fails, such as, in your case, if there is a disconnection partway through.

You can get to the “recover/create” dialog at any time by wiping the Trezor. In Suite, go to Settings → Device → Factory reset. Keep in mind that this operation will erase the seed that is currently on the device.

In any case, you can only use the “recover” option if you have your original seed. So if you don’t have it, this will not help you.