Firmware upgrade process get's stuck

I’m being asked/forced to update my firmware for a “new” uninitiated Trezor 1 (that is 2-3 years old). after I connect the device into Loader mode (holding both buttons down) the upgrade process never really starts. I can’t get beyond this. can’t do anything.

Hi @cmartin1069.

Please, make sure you have the latest Trezor Bridge installed; Trezor Wallet. Once installed, please proceed with clearing your browser’s cache. After successful installation, you should see “trezord” process running in your activity/system/task monitor.

Don’t forget to use supported browsers only: Chrome or Firefox (try both and try using Incognito/privacy mode as well).

Once you get into bootloader mode, continue to Trezor Wallet where you will be given with options to update firmware and to reset device.