Firmware update Trezor One - Stuck in Bootloader 1.21.1 No Matter What I try...Help!

Having issue today with stuck in Bootloader 1.21.1 on Trezor One. It said updated firmware 100% successfully but I cannot get the device to stop showing this “Trezor - Bootloader - 1.21.1” issue. I’ve tried re-istalling bridge, a different PC, everything.

I have my recovery seed words but I’m terrified to do a factory reset because I have funds associated with this device only. Also forums LOVE stating that if you have your words you have no problem - however nobody talks about what you’ll do to actually USE those words for a successful recovery. On a Trezor One, there’s no touchscreen or keyboard so how will I input my words after a factory reset?

I’m almost tempted to just buy a new trezor so I can install it and click “recover wallet” on that device instead of factory resetting my Trezor One.

Am I overreacting? Should I just factory reset since I have my recovery words?

Thanks in advance.


Your funds are associated with the seed words, not the device. If your seed is correct you have access.

There you go :slight_smile:

If you have any issue please open a support ticket.

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Thanks for responding. How will I expect to input my seed words upon factory reset?

Will it be typing them into my pc via Trezor bridge after I factory reset my device?

There’s a lot of literature about factory reset “wiping seed words” and that’s very scary wording to someone who feels their seed words are their only safety net between securing and losing funds.

Can you clarify what is meant by this?

I was able to actually attempt a re-install of the firmware via Trezor Bridge and it went through and properly booted the device as normal. Didn’t have to factory reset.

Thanks for your response.