Firmware update failed, reset gets stuck at 92%, cannot start in bootloader mode

I have a model one and the firmware update failed which caused a wipe. When I connect it to recover, it starts a firmware update which gets stuck at 92% every time. The chatbot said to start it up in bootloader mode which I can’t do. If I hold both buttons, it just starts in the regular screen asking me to do the firmware update. Help?

I don’t have another computer to try.

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That is the bootloader mode. There’s some confusing information from the chatbot, because when there is no firmware, you go to bootloader mode automatically. So it looks like nothing is happening, but you are actually already doing the thing.

Try using a different cable to do the update.

But if you get stuck at 92 % every time, that is somewhat more likely that it is a hardware issue and you should contact support to get a RMA (if you’re still in the warranty period).