Firmware update came up - but I didn't need to update it

I put my Trezor Model T into my MacBook a minute ago and it came up with the software update Satoshi Labs (that ive done the past year ive had this amazing device).

Only thing is I was on the ENS domain site, I wasn’t in the Trezor suite, nor did I click “update firmware”… I hit cancel. took it out. then went into the Trezor suite… I clicked update suite but I was up to date, I then went into the device update area and it said Trezor up to date… so I redid the firmware anyway… (screen looked the same as before).

so, why did Trezor ask to update the firmware kinda randomly when it didn’t need too? then I go into the suite, and it says I was up to date?

thank you!
PS I’m very careful in general with all this stuff.