Firmware reset model t


I hav model T and was watching the video about how to put the Trezor into bootlegger mode to get ready for the the most recent firmware update. I see that you need to plug in the device and swipe down on the screen at the same time. However, I am not clear if the USB should be plugged into my computer the whole time while this is happening or after that?

Sorry for the noob question. I’m new to cold storage and get a little paranoid about this type of stuff. Thanks.

Hi @Black9s

watch the video here, that shows how to enter bootloader. You swipe across the screen and connect USB at the same time:

Thank you. Yes that is helpful. However, is the USB plugged into the computer at this time? I cannot tell from the video. Not sure if it matters or not?

@Black9s yes, it is plugged into computer, you just plug the other end into the device while swiping