Firmware downgrade fail

Hi team, I should have left well enough alone but I tried to downgrade my firmware and now have an error: unknown bootloader detected. Unplug your Trezor and contact support.
Any ideas what I can do?

Upgrade your firmware back to what it was. In theory you might not even have to restore your seed.
(but in practice you probably will)

Same issue here. How can he update it back to what it was if he cant even use it? help me pls

@Antspy go to settings, Security and you should see Update available under firmware

You need to enter bootloader mode first.

(This used to be on the firmware downgrade page, but there is now a more straightforward way to do it … given that your Trezor starts up OK.)

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Managed to fix it. I plugged it pressing the buttons so it went to bootloader instead of saying unknown bootloader and i was able to fix it. Ty.