Firmware Discrepancy Between Suite and Model T

I have downloaded Trezor Suite and was going to update the recommended firmware. On the Suite interface, it said that it would be updating from 2.3.6 to 2.4.1. However, when I connected the Model T, it showed that it would be downloading 2.3.6 on the Model T screen. I would think it would have said 2.4.1 on the Model T screen, since that is what it said on the Suite interface. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Also, I have downloaded Trezor Suite v 21.8.1.

Hi @WallFrog

From some older FW versions it is not possible to update to the latest FW available right away, and several FW updates must be installed before installing the latest one.

When you connect Trezor T in bootloader mode, it shows the current firmware version and asks if you want to “connect to host” (to your PC).

When you click Yes, it will stay on a screen showing the current version, until the PC detects it and sends a request to upgrade.

Only then, Trezor will ask: “Update firmware by SatoshiLabs to version ?”

Is that what you are seeing?