[Feature Request] New model with bigger screen please

Using strong passphrase is just another layer of security one does need (given the horror stories one hear about people losing their money). However, using anything longer than few characters is complete inconvenient to enter on the trusted display. Which defeats the purpose if you start entering it on your computer instead. The solution seems to be simply solved with a more convenient (and secure) input method. You might argue that the SD card is the answer; but it is unlikely. If someone can lay a hand on the wallet, they probably able to steal the SD card as well. So I would prefer to keep the passphrase as “something I know” rather than “yet another thing I have”

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thank you for your feedback @AhmedAli. It has been forwarded to our product team.


I’ve been using a stylus like for signing or drawing on a mobile or tablet for being able to tap in a strong passphrase because it was all too small for my fingers! The stylus solved the issue nicely though.

yup! stylus does resolve this issue for some users:

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stylus won’t help when you have to swap between different 4 screens!
it is truly inconvenient if your passphrase is anywhere from 8-12 mix of upper/lower case characters, digits and symbols. Hence the current form factor doesn’t really encourage security best practices when it comes to choosing your passphrase

This is not considered “security best practice” anymore – it was recommended in the 90s and early 00s, but we know better now. The current recommendation is to use longer but memorable passphrase composed of short english (or your native language) words.

See e.g. EFF Dice-Generated Passphrases | Electronic Frontier Foundation for a more in-depth explanation.

Using an EFF dice-generated passphrase would let you stay on the same screen for the whole length of passphrase. Of course, there is still the old-phone-style letter entry so entering longer passphrases is not as convenient as on a full-size keyboard. Still, this is a matter of practice, as any 90s teenager would tell you :wink:

First off, we can argue about what defines security best practices; I am not the most experienced security practitioner anyhow, I only learned how to keep myself away from hacks for the last 20 years. But I guess we can agree that the current form factor makes it harder regardless!

Second: all printable (mixing things up) isn’t really outdated! at least according to this; 10 characters is almost as strong as 6 dice words; which in terms of convenient in the current form factor, I would say 10 characters are easier; at least I won’t have to scroll to see the whole phrase.