Like others in this forum, Trezor model T gave a FATAL ERROR with the identical red screen after the firmware update. Trezor model T ordered directly from Trezor. The touch screen does not let me put in the password. Touch screen malfunctioned. Very frustrating as I could not use this device as intended.

In emails with Customer Service, I was told to “break” the Trezor before receiving a replacement. This was back in October and Nov 2021 and I have not seen or heard anything again. WTF?

Ticket ID: ticket ID: 97903
Ticket ID: 103825

I have been waiting for an answer with no reply. And no replacement Trezor. The replacement for the faulty device is expected and I’d like to know what is going on.


BTW, multiple videos and photos of the Trezor in question were requested and provided. WHen is the replacment coming? I’m feeling really fed up with this situation.

PS: Others with same issue: Trezor gave a FATAL ERROR with the identical red screen - #11 by MichalZ

PSS: Wiping the Trezor T and reinstalling the firmware did nothing. The device continued to give FATAL ERROR screen!

And another with the same: FATAL ERROR - Contact Trezor Support II

And another: Trezor gave a FATAL ERROR with the identical red screen

So this is not a unique issue.

Hi @Dee

in the last email you were asked by my colleague to provide a trash video. Could you please provide it as without this video it is not possible to send a replacement.
Alternatively you can send the faulty device back to us as stated in the email as well.
We will be awaiting your response.