Failed Update 22.2.3 to 22.3.2

Hello, been using Trezor suite 22.2.3 and doing fine. Tried to update to 22.3.2 and after the update the suite stays the same version 22.2.3. I am not a computer genius on my Mac, is it as simple as I need a different alias icon to run the new version 22.3.2? In other words, do I just need a new icon to run the new updated version? if so how to do that? Much appreciated.

Actually you can uninstall and then reinstall the new version.
Doing this, however, means that you need to reset the suite to remember all hidden wallets.

OK. Sounds interesting. Can I run BOTH version at the same time, or one open one close alternating?
22.2.3 and 22.3.2.

Does anyone know if I can run both version of trezor suite at the same time? Version 22.2.3 and 22.3.2?

just uninstall the old one and install latest one, please

This doesn’t seem to work on the same system. You can do it with a virtual machine.

Hello everyone,

So I’m ready to remove trezor suite 22.2.3 on my mac however, I don’t see any uninstall feature. Do I need to open a terminal windows and execute a command? If so what command? Trying to install 22.3.2 over 22.2.3 has not worked. Thank you for the instructions to remove 22.2.3.