Exporting to CSV, Json, Pdf just hanging in Trezor Suite

I need to export my Trezor data from when I started using it back in 2017. I’m clicking the export in Trezor Suite. Now I’ve tried them all, csv, json and pdf, but all of them just keep on loading/spinning, and nothing happens. It seems like it’s not working… I do not have that many transactions either…

Hi @carl1,
are you using the latest Trezor Suite and latest Trezor’s firmware?
Please reinstall the app from this source https://suite.trezor.io/ to make sure you are on the latest version.
I tried to replicate the issue and was able to export the whole tx history that goes to 2017.

Same issue here. Suite and Firmware both up to date and I tried the app + web version, just get the green spinning circle.
ETH wallet + a bunch of erc-20 tokens, under 30 transactions in total.

I have also been having this same issue for over a month. I have tried on multiple computers (desktop AND PC), using trezor suite and the web suite, have reached out to support and via twitter DM multiple times. This is a huge problem!!! Has anybody figured out how to solve this? PLEASE HELP.

@awgins @Berdel check if you have any pending transaction, if yes, it might be related to this issue:

otherwise this kind of issue has been fixed:

Neither of those solved the issue. I don’t have any pending transactions. It doesn’t give me an error either, it just hangs in the circle forever. Here is a screenshot.

@awgins what is the version of Suite and firmware and OS you are running?

Have you updated both? Have you tried different browsers or computers?

Hi folks

Same Issue here.
I have the updated firmware. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Suite (v21.12.2). And with the webversion it does not work neither:/

What can I do?

what is the OS you are running?

have you tried different browsers or computers?

I run Microsoft Windows 11 Home with the version 10.0.22000 Build 22000

As yet, I have tried It with Google Chrome

Thats the message when I wait until the trezor-timeout:

After your fast reply (thankyou!) I’ve updated Chrome to the Version 97.0.4692.71 (official Build) and Firefox to 95.0.2 (64-Bit). So, afterwards it worked with both of them.

But with the Trezor Suite, there is still an issue.

So, for instant i can life with the web-workaround, but would be happy to use the trezor-suite again.

Remark: in the Trezor-Suite i can select
“Export as CSV”
“Export as PDF”
“Export as JSON”

in Chrome and Firefox there is only this selection available
“Export as .csv”
“Export as .pdf”

Best regards,

@BEbitcoin have you tried the Suite on a different PC?

I have tried on a mac and a pc, using chrome and firefox on both, as well as trezor suite on both. I am still having this issue and I really need it resolved. Is there any other way to get my transactions in csv?

@awgins are you also using Trezor One ?

Yes using Trezor One but firmware is updated

I have submitted it to QA for testing

Thank you!!! Really appreciate it

QA tested it and did not find any issue (latest Suite,latest T1 firmware).

There are other tools and wallets where you can export your tx history, for example you can pair Trezor with Exodus: https://wiki.trezor.io/Apps:Exodus

Any updates with this besides connecting to Exodus? I’m trying to do taxes and can’t connect to to ERC-20 wallets. I have latest firmware version and all the updates. I can’t export on two specific accounts. All the other accounts work fine on export… except the csv file doesn’t parse correctly but that’s another matter with an easy work around. Oh, and tried on multiple browsers and suite desktop app on multiple computers.

as I mentioned in the last post, QA tested it with latest FW before and no issues were found. Update your device, Suite or try different computer.

I cannot export my transactions (csv or pdf) - it just hangs with the green circle. I have only 25 transactions.

I have the latest trezor suite and have tried it on 2 different macbooks (12.2.1) and chrome browser (100.0.4896.75).