Expedited Shipping not sent yet

Hello, I paid for my order on Tuesday the 26th and my order still hasn’t shipped yet. I need these wallets by Thursday for some business associates. Can anyone assist me?

Hi @SeanT, I DMed you, please check your inbox.

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Maybe you can help with my order as well? I created a topic, no one will answer there.

I made a purchase on the 26th, it was indicated delivery in 1-2 days and 1-2 days for shipment from the warehouse. But there are still no shipping letters, how long can you wait ??? Make a refund if you cannot fulfill your obligations.

I only see the Paid, Processing status.
Order tokien 6pgVA855yUnu1tGGekrgrqEmnS78Gh

The same situation. The support service is silent. I think the wallets are not available, they do not indicate this on the site. Tk in their Amazon warehouse they are also not. They take money, but do not fulfill the conditions. Terrible service.

Hi @Jozef, your order is still being processed. Please let us know if you don’t receive your tracking number by Monday. Also, if you no longer wish to receive the order, please open a ticket at https://trezor.io/support/logistics/form/ and post the ticket ID here.

Are you able to look into my order…same situation.

Token ID Token ID is CSBWCyvNFonmnTmwkMUWm7rmuWsbAj

Ticket ID 102907

Me too, no contact, no replies, the ticket I opened was a waste of time. Seems like the the money transfer went like a dream, I paid in BTC. But as for my Trezor or my refund, or a simple non-bot email, nothing!
It’s time Trezor started being honest with their customers, we’re all grown-ups and we might understand delays and problems. Just stop making excuses, it makes you look bad!!

Yeah. I can’t honestly recommend them if they are not upfront about the process. If they were just honest even if it wasn’t perfect as long as the product is great I could still recommend it to people. 20 day response on a ticket is unacceptable.

Hi guys, it looks like there was some technical issue and few orders placed on 26th did not go through our system. We make sure that everything that hasn’t been dispatched yet will be dispatched ASAP. Your tracking number will be emailed to you right after that (please check your spam folder as well).

Those who has already opened ticket ID could you please be so kind and provide ticket IDs here in this thread? Thank you.

We apologize for inconveniences caused.

Order paid and confirmed 26 , 8:32 am but still Processing waiting to leaves warehouse Ticket ID: 103005

Ticket ID 103502

Order tokien 6pgVA855yUnu1tGGekrgrqEmnS78Gh