Exodus doesn't show all my assets from my Trezor One

I have three assets In the trezor however the web app only Dogecoin asset shows funds, and Trezor Suite app all three show funds and when connected to Exodus only DOGE and ETH funds show.
How can I get everything to show properly in Exodus?

Hi @Mogusan

Our standard stable Trezor Wallet supports Dogecoin

So, does Trezor Suite

Exodus claim they support Dogecoin as well

However, I wonder how many addresses you can use/add/see within Exodus app. Possibly, there might be some limit in a number of addresses to be used by this app. Hence, if it is not the first account (address), you might be unable to see other accounts (addresses). On the other hand, if it’s the first one, you should be able to use it. Make sure, you are checking the right wallet by comparing the accounts (addresses) accessed. And check whether you have been using passphrase feature.

It seems that the problem is my BTC is Bech32 encoding and Exodus I don’t think supports that encoding. Maybe!

Sorry, I missed you refer to BTC.

Actually, yes this might be the problem. See below what Exodus says:

:link: https://support.exodus.com/article/1480-bitcoin-faqs-learn-more-about-btc#exodus-trezor-support

Speaking of Trezor & bech32 accounts, see this post: