Exchanging one crypto to another

I just purchased/deposit USDT - Tether USD into my Trezor and now I want to purchase a coin (SHIB) that is not listed in Trezor. I already have SHIB transfer to Trezor now I want to add/buy more to what I already have. How can I do that. Thanks!

Hi @balam16139,

I don’t think there are any exchanges available from Invity in Trezor Suite that offers SHIB, but that’d be the easiest way to purchase if there was one.

However, you can use Metamask and its Swap function. Metamask transfers you to an exchange like Uniswap, for instance, but there are several other exchanges available from Metamask. See image below. You have to check if they can offer SHIB though.

Note: Make sure you’re using Ethereum Mainnet on Metamask with the Trezor connected account.

See how swapping works on Metamask:


I now know how to buy on some platform/exchange SHIBA and Loopring and send them to my Trezor ETH Address.

But now, support I want to convert 1000$ from Loopring to SHIBA INU

How Can I do that without an external service…


Please see the above posts in this thread if they can help you.

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