Exchanging EUR to USD on Trezor Suite


This is my first post. I have been reading for over 2h, and can’t find the answer to my problem/issue.
So i decided to make a new post, in the hope someone have the answer, and can help me. Maybe it’s something really simple to solve, but at this point it seems so hard for me.

My question is… How do i change the fiat option when trying to sell crypto in the Trezor Suite? i have supplied a screen capture/picture to show what i mean. I try to sell ETH, so i select the amount, then at the right it gives the option to select fiat, but when i click the drop down arrow, the only option i get is EUR (Euros), and i want to get USD (US Dollars).
I don’t know if i have to send crypto to another wallet, and sell from there (which will incur into extra loss due gas/fee, but i am guessing if Trezor Suite has the option to buy/sell/exchange/receive/send crypto, that means you don’t need to use a external wallet (as long it is a supported crypto by Trezor of course), at least that makes logic to me.
I wish Trezor Team focus some more on that issue, probably that could boost their sales, since no need for another wallet. What’s the point on having crypto in your Trezor T when you can’t sell it?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!!

EUR to USD|690x388

Hi @Randroid , sell option is only for EUR accounts in SEPA countries, you cannot sell for USD.

To send crypto from Trezor to anywhere else follow: Suite manual:Making payments - Trezor Wiki

@forgi Thanks, really appreciated for your answer!
I tried to go the other hard wallet brand, but it is manufactured in UK, so still same problem for me.
I ended up opening an account in a known top-notch website, Im going to use it for buying/selling my coins, and Trezor will be just for HOLDing only. Need to sell whats in Trezor? then will send to that website account, sell, done! Extra steps, and extra fee wasted, but oh well, no more options.
I really love Trezor T, my first and only owned hard wallet. I wish one day it could be “universal” and work everywhere to sell crypto without needing a 3rd-party wallet.

Take care forgi!

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