Exchanges for United states

After several failed transactions trying to trade tusd for usdc I read the terms of use on the 3 exchanges offered. All 3 state use of their exchange is prohibited if you live in United states. So how am I supposed to exchange tusd for usdc to send to coinbase. They or anyone else don’t trade tusd. And why am I getting exchanges I’m prohibited to use anyway.

Why send it to Coinbase when you can send it directly to your Trezor? :nerd_face:
See this thread for how to use the Swap function with Metamask. I think that may help you. Most, if not all, of those exchanges Metamask links to are available in the U.S. although it requires that you can access Metamask itself, of course.

Things come up where I need it in my bank account and the tusd is on my trezor so I thought easiest way was to send to coinbase but since they don’t support tusd I figured I swap for usdc then send to coinbase. And Ty for any info helping me I tired of paying gas fees trying things

Transferring to and from Coinbase takes time and effort, plus lots of steep fees involved.
If you set up Metamask with Trezor, you can use its Swap function to exchange your TUSD to something else directly and you don’t need to transfer coins out of your Trezor or the new coins into your Trezor after buying them either. The hardware connected Metamask account ensures that the transactions go through your Trezor directly.

Also the exchanges are almost always non-KYC (Know Your Customer), so the only one you need to identify yourself with is Metamask.

Good luck!

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