Exchanged Bitcoin to tether and no tokens visible after a while

Hi all,

I have first got bitcoin and exchanged all bitcoins to tether using exchange option through trezor suite app on mac it was showing ( ERC20).

After successfull transaction it was showing all my tether balance on Etherium’s tokens section.
(Ps. I have 0 ETC balance 0 BTC balance after exchange only token balance was visible)

After 2 weeks time I have opened trezor suite and there is NO TOKEN visible on etherium tokens section.

I have tried to check history but not found any information about the transaction nor token.
PS : I was using hidden wallet

Can someone help me out what do to now? Do you think does trezor wallet store my ERC20 Tether tokens which was showing in the past or did I lost them as trezor does not show up anything related token or history of it.

Share a transaction ID please.