Exchange function on Trezor

Yesterday before the big crash I was exchanging my BTC to USDT and it did not get through. I send a total of $33,023.13 on Nov 08, 2022•17:53 and got the next day the same amount BTC for $28,547.32. Next to that I also paid fee both ways. Why is this?

Please, contact the exchange that you used, they will provide all the information.

Thanks but don’t see the exchanges name.

it is in your trade history in Suite

Yes I am in there but see only send and then a post later received.

you need to click Trade button and scroll down

Sorry I see Sideshift (the one without KYC, to make it simple) and it says The transaction failed
Sorry, your transaction failed or was rejected. Your coins have not been exchanged.

That is what I meant :slight_smile: What is the function of exchanging if there are many reasons not to exchange. They could make a business out of the fact the keep the coins till whenever suits them. Just like banks do if you transfer money.
There is a long way to go if it stays like this.

tell me the trade ID and I will check with them.

Thanks for trying to find out.

Trans. ID:

Probably because it was a fixed rate offer and as the prices are crashing they cannot provide this price. They should not offer this option I guess.

yes, BTC deposit was stuck unconfirmed in the mempool for around 2 hours before was confirmed into the blockchain, and the rate has changed

Thanks for finding out. What is a better way of preventing this to happen? I thought to be smart and go around the KYC story, although it is solved they said.

it is difficult when market is like this…if you transaction was faster there would not be issue, use the highest fee possible to prevent this next time. It just took too long for deposit to arrive

Good to know and life is like a school. Everyday we’ll keep on learning.

Did an Trezor exchange 22h ago, my usdt is gone and no BTC has arrived. All is completed, but no BTC.

Hi @Jonas563763281,

Can you find your transaction status in the blockchain?
Which exchange did you use?