Exchange between BTC and XLM using ChangeHero

Did Trezor One Exchange between BTC and XLM using ChangeHero, however the XLM never arrived.
I contacted ChangeHero support and they re-directed me to Trezor support. The only thing I got from the operation was the TRANS. ID pkjoks7k54f9e7z14v

Is this the right place to ask for help figuring out what happened?

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Hi @peter_toyota, I reached out to ChangeHero to provide us with more details on the order you made. I will get back to you as soon as they reply.

Thank you very much! That must have made an effect, the lumens now show up at the destination.

Have an excellent day!

It can take some time till a transaction is confirmed. However, I am glad to read that everything’s alright!

I also exchanged USDC → BTC via ChangHero. A rather large amount and got hit with KYC. I’ve sent 2 emails requesting what they want/need and no reply. Transaction ID: 7pp0atab36vcz0xeng. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I used ChangeHero’s exchange services for USDC to BTC. I never received the BTC and sent two emails requesting what info they need to comply. No reply. I am very concerned about the possible loss of USDC. ANY guidance would be appreciated. Trans. ID:7pp0atab36vcz0xeng. Thanks.

Hi @zenith,

I will ask ChangeHero about your transaction. As soon as they provide more details, I will get back to you.

Hi @zenith,

ChangeHero informed us that your order was put on hold due to KYC verification. Please contact them according to it once again on email [email protected]

Situation resolved. Many thanks to radekP and ChangeHero.

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