Ethereum no longer showing in wallet - am being redirected to MEW - where is my ETH?

When opening my ethereum wallet on Trezor 1, I am transported to MEW (never heard of it). I am them prompted to go to “My Ether Wallet” or “MyCrypto Wallet”. Have never been to these sites.
I am then prompted to Access my wallet and connect my Trezor. Then Export Ethereum Public key.
I have no idea what is going on??
I have previously been able to see my ETH in my standard wallet.
Interesting thing is the Trezor suite web page is displaying differently.
I don’t see “standard wallet”. Am seeing Account #1.
BTC usually in Segwit but now in account #1.
Previously had a wallet total in Dashboard but now showing $0

I have not connected for over a month so has something changed on the site without notification.
I sent my Trezor Suite to trash and reloaded again but it still is completely different from my previous encounters with my Trezor.

Can anyone advise why I’m struggling to see my accounts and ethereum wallet

May I ask what wallet software or website you use when you access/open your Trezor 1?

There are only three official Trezor wallet websites:, and In addition there’s a desktop version of Trezor Suite which you can download at


I use a desktop trezor suite but was having difficulty with it so went to trezor io. I suppose I should be grateful that I back tracked from all the pages and my coins are still secure in my wallet. Just wish I coulld see them. The whole experience gave me a fright and my stress levels went sky high. Am new to all this and not enough info for troubleshooting

When you say you “went to trezor io”, you mean that you went to, right?

Also try a different web browser with and see if you get transferred to that website again or not.


yes just looked in chrome extension and there is PalMall 1.1. Would this be the problem?

I’m on a Mac. I have removed PalMall from ext . now incognito but still being redirected. it says introducing our own eth wallet and download trezor suite - which I already have

I have run the virus scanner and there are no threats.
1.Do you always have to connect trezor to wallet trezor io every time the site is opened. I am always prompted to connect.
2. My trezor suite only shows my hidden wallet which I have yet to use. It had my segwit and acc#1 previously but not now.
3. Should I check my trezor 1 to make sure everthing is safe. If yes, please suggest the best way to check.

I have contacted support ticket ID 98830
20 day wait time

well Mr Petosiris, you have just sorted my problem inadvertantly. Was reading another user problem re Trezor Suite desktop app but using linux. You gave web address for the suite so I did a copy and paste of address and surprise surprise. I am now able to see all my accounts as I originally set up. Now opened and closed account 3x. No more trips to MEW. Happy days. Thank you for your assistance.
Will no longer use the desktop app.

Hi @Daneve

Actually, there is a redirection since Trezor Wallet cannot manage ETH accounts natively. ETH accounts can be managed by third-party apps like MEW, MyCrypto, or by our Trezor Suite.


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thank you for the notification. Shame I couldn’t find this info when troubleshooting.

Glad to hear you solved it, Daneve. And thanks to Pavel for the information about redirection. I didn’t know about that.

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