Ethereum has not been received

отправил ethirium token 200$ на адрес ethirium 0x2dd380…1BD04b не приходит, или он из другой сети? что делать?

это второй перевод на этот адрес

I transferred the ethirium token $ 200 to trezor . they don’t come in. tell me what to do?

Hi @denis

Do you see following address in your wallet ? 0x2dd38…D04b
If not you are accessing wrong wallet.

  • yes. the address is correct. I made two transactions from different wallets .the first one was received to the wallet ($350 ETH). the second one was not received to the wallet ($200 ETH)

According to the blockchain there was only one transaction sent to the following address 0x2dd38…D04b

So the question is: do you see this address in your wallet / can you generate this receiving address there ? if not you are accessing wrong wallet.

so I sent a token that belongs to another blockchain. tell me what to do?

Please do your own research.
This has been discussed here already too many times: