Ether did not get transferred into my wallet

I transferred Ether from Kraken and Kraken says that transaction went through but it is not in the wallet. Prior to that i transferred Doge and Cardano small amounts and they went through fine. Please help!
I emailed Trazor support and waiting to hear back.
Thank you!

provide transaction ID, please.

Hi forgi,
The transaction ID is
Thank you!

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your tx has been successful:

if you do not see it, you are looking into the wrong wallet, using wrong passphrase.

I only have one wallet! Two previous transactions for smaller amounts just minutes before went through fine. I did not set passphrase, opted out of it. I did not set up hidden wallet.
Please help!

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Over 24 hrs ago:(( Should not take that long

Thank you. I am but they are saying it is passphrase related but i did not set any passphrases. I am new to this and hope will find my Ether:( Very disappointing

you are looking into the wrong wallet. See the video here:

Do NOT engage with anyone pretending to be a official support, please. Never give up any personal info. The only official support is here:

And users on the forum who have Community support badge.

as per the info you provided in the ticket, you have sent ETH to your ETC address.

My issue was resolved thanks to Trezor support. I got my Ether! Learned a valuable lesson on double checking everything. Also in the this process a scammer posed as Trazor support through this website. Be careful interacting with anyone.

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