ETH Transfer with BEP20 (BinanceTR) can't be seen in my Trezor Model T

Hey Sir/Madame,

On 9th of June, I transfered my ETH’s by BEP20 from BinanceTR to my Trezor Model T wallet but I can’t see them in my wallet. Here it’s details:

TXID URL: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

What shall I do?

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Hi @bsoysal you have sent tokens issued on Binance Smart Chain (not Ethereum blockchain).
This mainnet is not supported by any Trezor interface.

However it is possible to access those for example through MetaMask (Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki)

For more information, refer to this document: Get Started on Binance Smart Chain in 60 Seconds | Binance Blog

Hey @MichalZ thanks for the fast reply.
I downloaded MetaMask, created a wallet and added a new BSC wallet as shown in the links.
But still, how can I see my BEP20 transferred ETH’s in here?

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make sure you set the network right as described in this manual.

It was all good untill “Go to faucet page” followed every steps than I clicked “Give Me BNB” and nothing happened, now it says I have to wait 24hrs to try again :frowning:
Thanks for the reply, I keep trying - please let me know if I can do something else.

Kind regards

you don’t need to proceed to that step.

just proceed with the following custom network settings:

  • instead of Main Ethereum Network, select Custom RPC
  • as Network name type in Binance Smart Chain
  • as New RPC URL type in
  • as ChainID (optional) type in 56
  • as Symbol (optional) type in BNB
  • as Block Explorer URL (optional) type in

Oh I passed that step yes.
I customized a new BSC Network on Metamask succesfully.
But the issue is how can I access to my already transferred coins?
Let me summarize:
-I sent ETH from my binance acc my to trezor t, but I used BEP20. So coins can not be transfered.

  • So I customized a BSC network on MetaMask as you said. Now I have an empty BSC wallet at MetaMask.

So how can I see my BEP20 transferred ETH’s on that network?

Here is my transaction details:

Thank you so much for your help

ok, now you also need to add your desired token.
in order to do that simply click on add token and enter required contract address.

Here is a list of all binance-pegged tokens altogether with their addresses.

Once you successfully add your custom token, you will get it listed in your MetaMask account.

In order to send those tokens just bear in mind that you will need some BNB as a gas.
(similar to ETH/Gwei when sending ERC20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain).

All done, now I have a custom BSC network on MetaMask, with a list included ETH.
But I still didn’t get it, how can I see my transferred ETH (already sent, not in my binance or trezor) there?

Best regards

are you sure that you are entering the same wallet/address?
If you have generated your receiving address in Trezor interface it was derived from your private key so in order to access the same address you need to pair Metamask wallet with Trezor and export public keys (don’t use standalone wallet). Also, do you use passphrase feature?

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Yesterday, I used Trezor’s ETH QR code, but I have not enter any Trezor or Binance wallet/adress to MetaMask: I just customize a BSC network and added ETH to the list by contract address [0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8].

I use passphrase both on MetaMask, it’s been a long thread but I’d be so glad if you help me to solve this, I feel like we are getting close :slight_smile:

Now I paired my Trezor and MetaMask:

no worries man, we will get there :wink:

the beginning of address on the screenshot you provided is not matching receiving address from TxID URL so you are still entering wrong acount/address (I reckon you are still in MetaMask default wallet)

Please try to navigate to that colored bubble in right up corner (make sure you are in BNS network and ETH token is added - contract address 0x2170ed0880ac9a755fd29b2688956bd959f933f8 ) then click on connect hardware wallet > choose Trezor (make sure that it’s plugged and unlocked) > export your public keys > choose the desired account - the one starting 0x25 should be listed there, if it is unlock it and you will be able to access your coins.


Thank you so much @MichalZ now I can see my coins :star_struck:
Now, all I have to send this ETH, to my Trezor.
Since I’ve paired MetaMask and Trezor, is there any easy way to transfer?
Or should I swap some ETH for BNB and just send it to my Trezor with a gas price?

you are very welcome. I am glad your issue has been resolved.

However you still have Binance pegged ETH which is issued on Binance smart chain so you can’t just transfer it to different network such as Ethereum blockchain.

The only option would be to send it back to Binance exchange (BNB required as gas) and then transfer it again from there using desired network (Ethereum blockchain).

For more information have a look at the following link:
How to Recover Crypto Transferred to the Wrong Network on Binance | Binance Academy .


Hello @MichalZ it’s me again :sweat:

I transfered some BNB’s to my Trezor1 Acc on MetaWallet (for gas price)

This is how I tried to send ETH to my Binance:

But it’s failed, it says “No keyring found for the requested account” in the first try and whenever I try again it just acting like nothing happened.

I guess I’m missing a point, what shall I do?

Kind regards

Hi @bsoysal

It seems, it’s a known MetaMask issue, already discovered, probably not fixed yet. See in detail ALERT: No keyring found for the requested account. · Issue #6207 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub

Anyway, please try restarting/reinstalling/updating MetaMask extension, installing/running MetaMask within both Chrome and Firefox, updating your browsers, and avoid using Trezor device with multiple apps/tabs at a time.


Hi - I am having the same issue but I cant seem to resolve this and going round in circles.
This is the transaction Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Can anyone help me out as I have tried all the steps already?. Many thanks

that is a different issue you did not use BEP20, please see here:

Thanks I kind of understand, however is there a way i can recover this and send it back or view it in my trezor?

Hi Support, I am still chasing this ETH canm ypu help?
Thanks I kind of understand, however is there a way i can recover this and send it back or view it in my trezor?