ETH transfer stuck "PENDING" - Incorrectly says "Not enough funds" when I try to raise GWEI - Please help!

An important and time-sensitive ETH transfer is stuck in “pending.” This is due to a low gas fee. It has now been 90 minutes, and I can’t imagine such a low gas fee every being accepted.

I cannot cancel my transaction.

When I try to bump up the fee, it says “Not enough funds.” However I have plenty of ETH on my trezor still to cover this.

Please help! If anyone can help me connect to customer support, I’d really appreciate it.

Apparently on Ledger you can cancel your transaction (as you can in MetaMask and other places). Disappointingly, I cannot here.

Hi @Upbeat-Ad5909

The reason you are not able to bump the fee in Trezor Suite might be e.g. that there is even one more stuck transaction you have broadcast beforehand.
Or your balance that appears to be sufficient consists of ETH internal Txs that unfortunately can’t be spent using Trezor Suite interface (yet).

I suggest you to use 3rd party app such as MetaMask in order to bump the fee or you can also ‘unclog’ the stuck transaction by sending yourself (to the same address) 0 ETH with the same nonce and higher fee.

More information in the following video:

or the balance that shows that you have sufficient ETH however that is the value of the internal transaction which u