ETH transfer not reflected in Trezor Suite but is reflected in 3rd party wallet

I sent some ETH from an exchange to Trezor model T wallet using Trezor Suite. The exchange and the blockchain say the transfer was successful but the Trezor suite shows no records of receiving anything and ETH wallet shows zero amount. I later linked a 3rd party wallet to my Trezor device and that 3rd party wallet is showing the expected amount of ETH. Both the Trezor suite and the 3rd party wallet show the same address the ETH was sent to. I am confused why the Trezor suite is not recognizing the ETH that got sent to that address but this 3rd party wallet is able to recognize and display the expected amount?

As well, I am not familiar with reading the etherscan pages, but the etherscan page for this address I sent ETH to is showing the expected amount but under the “transactions” tab there is nothing. Additionally, the exchange I sent the ETH from uses smart contracts to send ETH so I’m not sure if Trezor wallet is able to receive ETH from smart contracts? So was this transaction successful or not?

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Hi @Meechaz

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Based on what you said, it seems it might be an internal transaction.

As for internal transactions, neither Trezor Beta Wallet, nor Trezor Suite can recognize these. For these transactions, a third-party app must be used.

Is it still safe to send ETH to the address on the Trezor device? Would I still be able to access (receive/send) that ETH using the 3rd party wallet?

Absolutely safe. Read more about:
Is it safe to use Trezor with a third-party wallet?

As for other apps, you can use Trezor with any compatible app you like. See them listed Apps - Trezor Wiki. By using the same seed (stored on your Trezor device) and the same passphrase (if enabled and used) you will be always given the same list of accounts and addresses no matter what app is used with Trezor.

However, these apps might differ in features, and advanced settings. As you’ve learnt already, you cannot use Trezor Suite for smart contracts such as internal transactions. There is no problem to access your device by using any other app when it’s needed.

But avoid using Trezor device with multiple apps at the same time, since they might clashing with each other, causing connectivity issues.

Hi Pavel, I also have an internal transaction. I can see it on Etherscan. How can I move an internal transaction to the main blockchain so I can see / manage my ETH on Trezor wallet?

Hi @andyb19

Unfortunately, there is no such way. You would have to use an exchange for instance. Before that, learn whether they use off chain or on chain transactions.