ETH transfer from Trezor to Kraken still pending

Hi there.

This is my first post, because i have my first real problem with crypto transaction.
I hope anybody can solve my problem:

Today i sent all my ETH from my Trezor device to my Kraken account. The first “test-transaction” was successful after 5 minutes (only a small amount). The second transaction included all the other ETH. I used the same address and choose the default settings for the fee.

Since 4 hours the transaction is on “pending” status. For me it´s not possible to “bump fee” the transaction because i have no more ETH left.

What are my possibilities?

Thanks for your advice.

transaction id:



:rofl: Do you really think i´m so stupid?

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I have almost similar issue, I converted from ETH to BTC using Changelly provider on Trezor.

It is still pending for over 1 hour, I guess due to the default txn fees.

After reaching out to Changelly support, was told to contact trezor support for cancellation.

Hi @AndiPe,

ETH transactions can take many hours, depending on the fee you provided. Miners tend to prioritize the transactions with higher fees.

So long as the address is correct the transaction will be completed, or cancelled if the fee is too low. If you don’t want to wait and see, I guess you can buy more ETH and use (some of) that to bump the fee of the transaction in Pending status.

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Hey @Petosiris.

That solved my problem. The pending transaction was still visible in the Trezor Suite App, so I repeated the transaction with more fee. The transaction was confirmed after three minutes.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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