Eth transfer completed on Binance but not showing in trezor

Hi there, I transferred eth from Binance to trezor. The transaction says completed in binance but it’s not showing in trezor, can someone help me with this please? Thank you in advance

Can you please try to search for the transaction in Etherscan and see its status?
If you don’t find it there, check that you used the Ethereum network on Binance to transfer your ETH and that you provided the correct Receive address to Trezor. All this should be in your receipt from Binance.

You have to be careful when choosing desired network while transferring funds from Binance:

Most of the customers choose either BEP2 or BEP20 network because of the lower fees however the coins are transferred to the different blockchain (Binance environment).

I reckon you’ll be able to track you transaction on


Hi thank you for a prompt reply. I see it on etherscan the status says success but it does not show on my trezor. I’ve checked all the details they are correct.Also I done a smaller transaction first to make sure it’s correct that showed on the trezor straight away.

might be also internal transaction. could you please DM me your TxID ?

thx for providing the TxID however it is not internal transaction either. :thinking:

To help us better understand the issue, please provide us with more information:

Can you see the transaction history when you connect your Trezor device at Trezor Suite ?
Have you recently started using the Passphrase feature?
Is the address to which you sent your funds listed in your Trezor wallet?

No there is no transaction history for this transaction on my trezor device. I haven’t started using the pass phrase feature. Also I copied and pasted the address from my trezor device. This was the 3rd transaction I made. First two I received within minutes

Hi there, I still haven’t received my eth on my trezor device. I’ve been waiting for 3 days. My Ticket ID: 91353

thx, we will continue troubleshooting the issue via email.

Exact same thing happened to me.
This is really scary.
Why is this happening and when can it be resolved because the scan shows successful to my wallet but not a trace.

Hello MichalZ,
here my ID: 106650 (via E-Mail but no answer yet):

I have the same problem: I sent Ethereum two days ago from a crypto exchange to the Ethereum receipt address, which I got from my “trezor suite” application (copy & paste).
I have checked that the transaction was successful (“Etherscan”), however, I do not see my Ethereum balance in Trezor Suite.
The exchange answered that it may come in as “Internal TxID” at the receiving address, due to Smart Contract Procedure (…) and that you will be able to assist.

Please make sure the ETH comes to my Trezor-address/wallet and tell me what I can do to avoid problems with ETH & ERC20-Tokens in the future.

Answer to E-Mail address is fine.

Thank you,

PS: wrong headline: the exchange is BITSTAMP, not Binance.

Hi @Michael
Please check your inbox, we have already answered your ticket :wink: