ETH Staking like you can ADA on Trezor

I see that you can Stake ADA on the Trezor but why can’t we Stake ETH? Is this something we may see in the future?

Hi @l3gacy304,

currently, there are no plans for ETH staking in Trezor Suite.

:disappointed: well that’s not what I wanted to hear.

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This is a shame, as I believe people will end up opting for Ledger devices and other non-custodial wallets if Trezor chooses not to implement ETH staking.

I look forward to seeing ETH staking on Trezor in the near future.

Good news mate. I discovered that you can stake using either the Lido or Rocket Pool stake pools via Metamask.

You need to download the Metamask app, which will then allow you to access your Trezor (go through ‘create wallet’, skip the private keys’ section and then it should come up with a hardware-wallet option.

Metamask tweeted this in a thread on Twitter (I can’t include the link here).

@radekP or any other Trezor rep should test this out for themselves, and then inform the Trezor community that ETH staking is now available via Trezor.