ETH send address diverted to scammer

I use an exchange in Australia and after seeing a secure screen I was connected to Ledger Live - it said I needed an update and so the Firmware and the vers no was updated. When finished I connected to Australia to get the receive address and entered this in Ledger live and it was sent. I did this a few times with other crypto. THen the big one of ETH at 56.7 of them. Somehow even after success on the other transactions one after the other the send to receiver address somehow changed and it went to a wallet which i Etherscanned and saw it had some junky coins in it and a few game token. I contact my exchange and they cant do anything. I tried to use backchat to talk with the owner but could not set it up. I see that of all the coins crypto they have the only one without a contract is my ETH. Does this mean anything? I have reported the incident and put a flag out but what else can i do? have a look on Etherscan at 0xeac3ce292f95d779732e7a26c95c57a742cf5119
any help please

Unfortunately, transactions on the blockchain are usually not reversible.
Even if there was something to be done, you are unlikely to get help with Ledger Live on a Trezor support forum :woman_shrugging:

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yes i realise the wallets are different however its the transaction and some people may have experience in this kind of scam
thanks for replying